Tuesday, July 18, 2006


'We are so happy together...'
My thanks to Beau Bo D'Or for the pic, appropriately enough from the 'nicked' section of his website...

Well congratulations to Gordon and Sarah Brown on the birth of their son on Monday. It seems that if you want to get on in politics these days, having a young family can be an enormous help as Messrs. Blair, Cameron and Kennedy (hic, shurly shome mishake- Ed) can all testify!

I have to say that one-time Mirror Editor Piers Morgan account of Blair's Downing Street baby in his book, "The Insider" was highly amusing.

His account of how he rang Alistair Campbell and uttered just one word 'stork?' when he had been tipped off about the pregnancy had me laughing out loud when I read it.

Campbell went on to confirm the good news. Morgan says that someone in Downing Street then leaked his exclusive to The Sun, in order that Labour could extract the maximum publicity. According to Morgan, Campbell and Blair then both denied anyone in the Downing Street organization involvement. All would be well except Fiona Millar, Campbell's girlfriend and a former aide of Cherie Blair, inadvertently went on to confirm to Morgan confirmed that they had indeed passed the story onto The Sun! Apparently Morgan was incandescent!


Blogger Chris Palmer said...

Can I ask: what is a Southampton 'Test' Conservative association?

8:39 pm  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

Hi Chris, Assuming your question is serious (I see the pun!)Southampton has two and a bit parliamentary constituencies (part of the city is represented by the MP for Romsey, the rest by MPs for Southampton Itchen and Southampton Test. Locally the Conservative Party organisation mirrors the constituency boundaries hence Southampton Itchen Conservative Association and Southampton Test Conservative Association. Allegations that Soton Test Conservative Party has Tested itself to destruction in recent years are entirely frivolous...

12:11 am  

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