Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Poster heaven!

I was asked by a Conservative activist to send him copies of the posters I produced for last May's local government elections in Southampton and thought they may raise a smile for some of the people who read my blog- so here they are!
The first will be easily recognisableto those that follow such things - it is one of last year's general election posters produced by the Conservative Campaign HQ (you mean Central Office- Ed!) modified with my name.
The second also started life as a general election poster but modified with the latest New Labour sleaze! Actually the idea was very similar to one that my friend, Whitbread marketing guru Mark Watson came up with about 6 years ago- move over Tim Bell and Lord Saachi!
The third poster was an extention of the campaign I had been running to keep the weekly refuse collection in Southampton rather than moving to have the bins emptied fortnightly. This was a proposal that Labour worked up in office that was then enthusiatically taken up by the Lib-Dems when they took control and subsequently dumped by Labour! My Lib-Dem opponent Paul Russell thought the poster the reason he lost but I think I put it down to his lack of canvassing!
Another unpopular decision was to end the communal cleaning of council-owned towerblocks, a policy this time endorsed by both Labour and the Lib-Dems- a real quality of life issue if you happen to be a resident in such a block.
Finally, the last poster poked fun at Cherie Blair for her absurd hair styling bills- which much to disgust of Labour activists, she billed them for!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It certainly caused me to smile. I have never seen anyone enjoy an election so much! I spotted Mr Dean on election day rushing around in his van with stacks of posters, postively drooling! Jeremy

7:54 pm  
Blogger Chris Palmer said...

Ho ho! The warped Cherie face is a classic.

9:01 pm  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

Thanks Chris.
Love your site

by the way.

3:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work!

2:33 am  

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