Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Prescott's latest conquest

"He's sorted out housing and development, transport, regional government, the dome- what more do you want?"

Well Guido Fawkes blog
has revealed Prescott's other lover to be no less that Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central and currently Minister of state at the Department of Health (June 2003- present).
She certainly knows Two-Jags well as she was a Constituency Personal Assistant to John Prescott, MP (1980-1986) and then after a short sabbatical, his Head of Office (1994-1997) prior to becoming an MP herself.
Interestingly this is a story that has been doing the rounds for some time and not just in the Westminster village either - Park Hotel regulars in Southampton have known about it for weeks (since the 30th April to be exact!- Ed). Nice to know we are always first with the gossip!
I heard Trevor Kavanagh, former political editor of The Sun, tell Radio 5 Live: "Learning that John Prescott's had an affair is a bit like learning that Simon Hughes is gay. I mean, everyone knew he has affairs. He's had a string of affairs throughout his life and this has come as no surprise."
On 30 April 2006, a "former senior Labour aide" Tricia McDaid was reported in the Sunday Times as accusing Prescott of being, "a serial groper" with a long record within the Labour Party of aggressive sexual behaviour, "He just jumped on you when he felt like it."
The Mail on Sunday also alleged that Mr Prescott had an affair 20 years ago with Sarah Bisset-Scott and a string of other lovers. Prescott subsequently expressed his intention to complain to the Press Complaints Commission about investigations of his former liaisons but I don't know if he did.
On May 7, a story in The Sunday Times quoted Linda McDougall, wife of the formidable Austin Mitchell MP, as saying that in 1978 Prescott had put his hand up her skirt as he came through the door to a lecture meeting. Mr Prescott had not met Ms McDougall before.
Prescott will have to watch out for Geraldine Smith, the MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, said that many female colleagues in the Parliamentary party would be alarmed at the "worst sort of abuse of power" by Mr Prescott if the allegations against him are true. She added, "We have tried to combat that within the Labour Party for years. It is as old as Adam, the male employer taking advantage of a young female employee, and I don't think it looks good."
It certainly isn't looking too good for Mr Prescott this morning...
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and then The Guardian's political editor was surprised but then he always is !


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