Sunday, July 02, 2006

Classic Kearns

For those that missed the letter in The Times on the 20th June 2006, from Bill Kearns, ex-diplomat and one-time Labour Councillor for Shirley, I reproduce it below. i have known Bill for maybe 7 years now; although we are at absolute ends of the political spectrum, I really enjoy my company; He is a very humorous, articulate and generous man.

Sir, If we must endure the largely meaningless award of honours, can we at least ensure that those rewarded reside in the United Kingdom for taxation purposes?
BILL KEARNS, Southampton.



This classic was printed in The Mail under the headline 'Prescott mistress prepares to go public' on the 29th April 2006.

Sir, Now we can understand why Prescott is almost always sleeping on the front bench. He is recovering.
BILL KEARNS , Southampton.

And on a feedback form on a seminar run by Whitehall College entitled 'organizing : Building Bridges';

By bill kearns on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 05:39 pm:
Hi, I am bill kearns and the advantages of this course are too many to mention so i wont mention them


A great man!

Bill's Blog;


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