Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mr Oaten is telling porkies again...

One should take disgraced MP Mark Oaten’s claims that he ‘Never wanted to become leader’ with a large pinch of salt. (Echo report 18 October)
As Mr. Kennedy's leadership crisis deepened late last year, it was Oaten who sent an e-mail to Lib-Dem activists outlining his achievements as Home Affairs spokesman, which was seen as "pressing the green button" on his own bid for the top.
The former Southampton Echo reporter Greg Hurst reveals in his recent book Charles Kennedy; A Tragic Flaw that Oaten was professing public loyalty to Charles Kennedy while privately undermining his position.
Subsequently it came to light that Oaten in fact had a leadership campaign team ready, was preparing a regional tour, had asked staff to obtain directories of local Lib-Dem officers and candidates, and had approached potential donors.
Perhaps Mr. Oaten thinks we have short memories? It is always difficult to prove a negative but Oaten's actions at the time certainly didn't seem to show he didn't want to be leader.


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