Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blogging from Bournemouth8- Time (again) at the bar!

1929 and all that...

As I watched David Cameron’s opening speech last Sunday on the TV in an faded hotel bar in Bournemouth (readers will recall how I was locked out of conference,
I reflected that there are few original ideas, let alone original speeches, in politics.
When Mr Cameron said,
"I am optimistic about human nature. That's why I will trust people to do the right thing. Labour are pessimists. They think that without their guidance, people will do the wrong thing. That's why they want to regulate and control. So let us show clearly which side we are on. Let optimism beat pessimism.
Let sunshine win the day.",
I thought it sounded a little familiar. I admit that it took me a few minutes flicking through Stuart Ball and Anthony Seldon’s book “The Conservative Century”.
Then it all became clear…
History repeats itself indeed.
I wonder what Tory Historian ( makes of it all?


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