Monday, September 25, 2006

Seymours roughs Tony up

Funny thing happened to me this-evening.
Do you know how once in a while you feel that there is a political sea change going on ? Well I felt it in 1996 when it became noticeable that for a myriad of reasons, the Conservatives were becoming less popular (in fact unpopular!). All of a sudden, it just wasn't 'hip' to be Tory anymore. Popular culture in all its forms began to imitate the chattering classes-it was 'time for a change' as I was told on countless doorsteps.
Well I think the same sort of thing is beginning to happen to Labour. After work, I strolled along to Seymours in Bedford Place for a drink. Being a late night bar with both students returning to the city after the summer vacation and the yachty types from the end of the boatshow in attendance, the bar was packed.
Guido would have noted the totty count- it was formidable but I had other things on my mind. To the strains of 'Johnny be good', a good proportion of the customers were singing 'Tony be gone'. I am sure you wouldn't have seen that 12 months ago or come to that, at any time since '97. One can over-egg these things but I can honestly say it is the first time I have seen Blair be the victim of spontaneous ridicule among a non-political group of people since he has been Leader of the Labour Party.


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