Saturday, September 23, 2006

Three cheers for 'The Bicycling Baronet' !

In 1982, along with Sir Jimmy Saville, the Young family featured on a British Rail poster promoting the transport of bicycles by rail.

I have a lot of time for Sir George Young. He was a good minister, is an assiduous MP (for North west Hants) and on the occasions I have met him, found him to be an all round nice guy. He would have made an excellent Speaker of the Commons had Labour not broken the convention to recruit from each main party alternately. However, his chance for that job may come yet (so to those potential Conservative candidates eying up his seat, I would merely say there is not yet a vacancy...)
I see that he had his blood pressure taken in Whitchurch recently in support of the nation's biggest blood pressure testing event. As part of the Blood Pressure Association's (BPA's) 'Know Your Numbers Week' Sir George visited a Lloyds Pharmacy to encourage his constituents to find out if they are at risk from high blood pressure. Sir George said: "Having a blood pressure check is quick and painless, and the only way to know if you have high blood pressure."
One of my friends, Gordon Coe, had his blood pressure read recently. When the GP shouted, "Quick get out, he's going to blow" and went on to tell him his blood pressure was "higher than the pressure on the tyres on your transit", Gordon knew he was in trouble!


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