Sunday, September 17, 2006

Watch out- here comes Mote's battlebus!

Charlie's bus and Ashley Mote MEP

Pride of the UKIP fleet

Taxed and insured Mr Mote?

UKIP won't be happy.
I don't know what the poor residents have done to deserve it but Ashley Mote MEP is bringing his battle bus to Eastleigh on Friday 22nd of September (Leigh Road to be exact). Assuming he doesn't break down this is not quite the mammouth undertaking it might appear- Mr Mote lives near Alton in Hampshire, just up the road!
UKIP removed their whip from one time Liberal activist Ashley Mote on 15 July 2004 after learning that he faced trial over allegations of housing benefit fraud. Mote failed to tell his party managers of the impending court case, and it only came to their attention when an article appeared in the The Daily Telegraph.
Happily for UKIP it all came to light a few days after, rather than a few days before the European election results...
The Telegraph reported that he was facing nine charges of false accounting and one of making a false representation.
In a court hearing on 25 November 2004, Mote stated that the charges were politically motivated and asked for an adjournement on the grounds that as an MEP he had parliamentary immunity. In June 2005 the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal
Market of the European Parliament decided to request that his immunity be waived. You can read all about their decision and the charges Mr.Mote faces at
It seems that the trial in on-going and that a non-publicity order was made in the High Court by Mr Justice Aikens that specifically forbids the reporting of any issues of law or legal ruling on the case without the leave of the court. It should be noted that Mr Mote denies the allegations vigorously and always has done.
I was unable to find any pictures of Mr Mote's battlebus but have found a few pics of other UKIP buses. In the words of their national website, ''Donate £ 50.00 -Keeps the UKIP battlebus on the road for a day"! That would seem to me to be the cost of having most of them removed to the breakers yard...
As Mr Mote is entering what they like to think is Lib-Dem country, I have also included a Lib-Dem pic of their bus especially converted so that Mr Kennedy doesn't have any unfortunate accidents!


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I missed Mote!
Did anyone go?
Was Mote anygood?
what was the bus likle?!!!

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