Saturday, September 23, 2006

Onward Christian soldier...

The Rev Ian Johnson is a very passionate man. He holds very strong political opinions and he is not afraid to express them. He is that rareist of political beasts, a very left-wing Christian Socialist.He has a platform to express his views in his parish church and amazingly, also in the local newspaper The Southern Daily Echo at least once a week.
Unlike any other correspondants, Rev Johnson writes from us under the title of 'From the Heart', the rest of us merely are worthy of writing ' in my view'.
There have been on-going letters and articles about all this in the Echo over recent weeks, here is my contribution.

Dear Letters Editor,
What an excellent article by Canon John O'Shea on the Pope's remarks on Islam. What a poor article by Ian Johnson with yet more of his musings on international Politics. One deserved to be styled 'From the Heart'. One did not. Perhaps a sub-Editor got the headings mixed up?
I have been following the recent correspondence about Mr Johnson’s profile in the Echo. As a regular reader, I must say that it appears, given his preferential treatment, that there is one rule for Ian Johnshon and another for every other contributor.
Matthew Dean.


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