Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So what is to be to be done in Southampton?

Hand-wringing from the possible kingmaker...

Its not just the SNP who are trying to form some sort of administration...

The dust is begining to settle after the local elections in Southampton and the realisation of the results is begining to set in;

Conservatives 18

Labour 18

Lib-Dem 12

By law someone has to form an administration. Not surprisingly I favour the Conservatives taking control while of course Labour are ambitious to lead the council. The question is what will the Liberals do ? If they abstain, there will be a tie. The matter shall then be decided by the casting vote of the Mayor who this year happens to be...Labour.
So the bottom line is that either a majority of the Lib-Dems have to vote for us if some vote for Labour or just one of them has to vote for the Conservatives if the others all sit on their hands...


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