Friday, April 27, 2007

Hard work and the battle for hearts and minds!

Peter on the campaign trail...
I've been slightly surprised at the level of work that Labour are doing in Southampton campaigning although I'm told it has largely been paid for by Union money. Their sitting councillors are supremely confident (indeed arogant) about the results- I think some of them think they are genuinly going to actually make gains and take control of Southampton in May. In Shirley they have started delivering their fourth newletter as welling as dragging Peter Hain down from London (although cynics might argue that his visit was more about him trying to gain the support of Labour activists in the forthcoming deputy Leadership Election).
However, I have been working incredibly hard and I am confident that I can win if my voters turn out on the day. Labour's record in the city is poor and they know it- for them it is just about getting their core die-hard vote out whereas for us (and even to some extent the Lib-Dems), we have to win the battle for hearts and minds if we are to win seats.

So my message to the electorate is if you want change- you have to vote for it.

Don't leave it to someone else- they might be leaving it to you!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck mate. you deserve to win and you'll be a great councillor if you get in.

2:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the trade unions are funding Labour in Southampton they should declare this. Especially UNISON what with their vested interest. They represent council workers and want to control and manipulate the council to their own agenda.

2:15 pm  
Anonymous David Furnell said...

The Unions do not fund Soton Labour Party locally. We get a small proportion of our money from local unions and the bulk of our money comes from local party members. As the Treasurer I have to declare accounts every year to central Labour Party and the Electoral Commission. I am sure they are available to the public if you look. The Labour government changed the rules a few years ago.

I am not sure why you are surprised at the Labour Party campaigning hard as this is what we do. I am the candidate in Sholing and after Thursday I will tell you the mistakes you have made in Sholing and elsewhere.

Anyway good luck on Thursday, we will talk later.

11:50 am  
Blogger Ryan Newell said...


Its a shame your party has decided to sell honours for cash!!

Only time will tell if the electorate will give you the kicking your party deserves

10:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Dave if it is all so above board can you tell us exactly how much money unions gave Southampton Labour Party this year and whether the unions have received any favours in return? Have any of the local union representatives met with local MP's for example or do any local union leaders eho fund you hold government jobs on the side?

8:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And have any local union resources (staff/ phones/ postage/ stationary) gone towards supporting Southampton Labour Party?

8:52 am  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

Firstly, Thank-you all for your comments. There are some good debating points made both by Labour and presumably non-Labour supporters which is what to me blogging is all about.
I've got my own views on the Sholing campaign too but of course the real test is on Thursday.
However, after the elections I will do some posts on union funding and indeed political funding generally.
Also don't miss my local election predictions post on Thurs eve!!!!
Best wishes,

1:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree this is what blogging is all about.

But interesting that Dave didn't answer the question about unions funding Labour in Southampton? Maybe after the election when he has more time he could email Matt a detailed list of all resources which the local party have received from the unions this year and the last few years. Surely Labour has nothing to hide?

Both Labour MP's in Southampton recieve money from the unions too don't they? How much is that? And what receptions and events hosted by unions have they attended?

Incidentally I think that it is wrong for the Tories to receive significant funding from local businesses too. Which I am sure is happening as well. But then unlike Dave I do not think that the Conservative Treasurer is tryint to deny this? Whereas Dave says Labour in Southampton isn't funded by union money and then says it is, but brushes this union money off as a 'small proportion'?

So Dave what proportion comes in donations from local members and how much comes from the unions? What would you call the 'bulk' of money.

And do local party accounts include non cash donations to Labour from the unions - such as their staff time and petrol costs etc.

Does Southampton Labour Party benefit at all from Regional Office support - certainly the Labour Party nationally and regionally is funded by unions to a huge degree. Has the local party benefited in any way from help from these sources? Assistance such as full time staff time and literature and phone banks? If so then surely Labour in Southampton is also receiving indirect support from the unions as well as direct cash or assistance?

12:58 pm  

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