Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Redbridge appliance was reaching the end of its service...
"Never trust a word they say", an old friend of mine used to say about the Lib-Dems. Maybe he knows the chaps who are running the Lib-Dem campaign in Millbrook in Southampton?
They have just put out a leaflet for the local elections campaigning to stop "Tory Cuts" to the fire service and to "Save" the local Post Office in Regents Park, both claims of which are completely untrue!!!
Redbridge Fire Station
They say that Tories are axing a fire engine from Redbridge Fire Station. In fact the plan is to move an existing fire engine from Redbridge to St Mary's. The Fire Authority then have agreed to buy a smaller faster 'rapid response vehicle which will run out of Redbridge. The main reason for this is that most of the fires they have to deal with there are the sort in bins, burning rubbish, amandonened cars and the like. Small fires. Often the large appliances can't get there quickly or even at all if the fire is in an area with narrow road access or across difficult terrain. What the fire service want is a smaller faster new vehicle with four wheel drive. All this was decided by the Fire Authority has representation by all 3 political parties. No party objected to the set up described above. A consultation meeting was held at Bellemoor school. No Millbrook Lib Dems turned up of course. The Lib Dem representative on the Fire Authority, Peter Galton, did not object or comment and voted for the proposal!!!
Those with the time and inclination can read about it HERE.
Next up is...
Closure of Regents Park Post Office
This is operated by a local businessman who runs three other post offices in Southampton. It is a highly successful business as it has a large catchment area and includes a general store. As you can imagine he is far from impressed at the Lib-Dems saying his business is about to close which catergorically is not the case!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think polticians should play politics with the fire service as you are talking about people's lives. If the fire brigade say that they think the new set up is best then I think we should trust their professional advice.

8:53 am  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

Absolutely true.

2:31 pm  

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