Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shirley Post Office

Shirley Post Office is up for demolition and rebuilding as a block of flats with the Post Office situated on the ground floor. In itself this is no bad thing I guess as it helps preserve the Post Office but the scheme is pretty unsuitable;

  • It is out of keeping with the area.

  • There is no off road parking for shoppers.

  • The propietors will want to keep the convience store open 'till 11pm at night with the possible effects of noise this will create.

  • Such stores with late-night opening tend to be a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

  • The development will overshadow and block sunlight from ajoining residential properties.

As a first step and partly due to my intervention, the application has now been removed from being an Officers only decision and will be heard by the full Planning Panel on Tuesday at the Civic Centre at 9am.

I have written to everyone in the road and of course the public are welcome to make their reprsentations on Tuesday- I hope they do!

I'll be there!


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