Saturday, April 28, 2007

Proposed Gypsy transit site recieves over 100 objections in its first week

Jane; Campaigning in Monks Brook

Most right-thinking people are disgusted at the proposal to turn the charming Monks Brook into a temporary 'Gypsy and Traveller Transit Site' as Southampton City Council describe it.
(You can view the application HERE).
After much show debate, the Lib-Dem 'cabinet' that runs Southampton City Council (hopefully not after Thursday), voted to concrete the site over and turn it into a sort of managed ghetto for travellers. Objectors to the proposals have been patronised and ignored, even branded as pseudo-racists for not backing the development. It was good to hear of a real demonstration of people power as apparently over 100 local residents have so far objected to the scheme being considered by the planning authorities. The site is so manifestly unsuitable, I am confident they will be able to stop it. (the Newts may have a small part to play here!)
In another twist to the saga, Jane Odgers was so incensed at the way she and other residents were treated, she is standing as a Conservative candidate in Swaythling, the ward in which Monks Brook is situated.
Good. I hope she wins.


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