Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Act of Union is 300 today (ish) !

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Today is a day of major cultural, constitutional, legal and historical significance, for as every constitutional historian (and a couple of generations ago, every schoolboy) knows, the Act of Union took effect some 300 years ago today. It has of course been a remarkable success with the Union certainly living up to the adage that the sum was greater than its parts but I do worry about the future.
The Institute for Public Policy Research recent report puts the flesh on the bones but those of us who were sceptical about the way Labour went about the Scottish devolution settlement in 1998 feel more than a little vindicated by events for the question that the brilliant and principled Labour MP Tam Dalyell asked on the 14th November 1977 has never been resolved.
Personally, I never much cared that McConnell didn't support England for the recent World Cup, however unneighbourly while Brown's clumsy attempts to do so only made him look something of a foolish opportunist. however, the issues of Scottish MPs voting on English & Welsh matters, the failure of the Labour party to secure a majority of the vote South of the border (and perhaps later and wrongly, the issue of having a Scot as PM), could all be running sores in future years. I have no doubt that further constitutional change to resolve these matters is inevitable.

However, the central point is that on its 300th aniversity, the Union has served us well. Long may it prosper!

And another thing...
No-one seems to be celebrating the Union!
The Telegraph picked up on the story in January but as of today, not one of the main unionist political parties has anything on their web-sites noting the anniversary -not even The Conservative and Unionist Party. It seems that despite their best efforts, Mr Mundell and Mr McShane have been ignored.


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