Thursday, May 10, 2007

On this day...

However he wasn't the first PM to announce he was to step down this day, not least because of decisions he had made over the conduct of war.
That honour falls to Neville Chamberlain who announced he was to stand down on the 10th May 1940. Chamberlain was forced to resign after Germany had invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and France and of course was succeeded by Winston Churchill. Nonetheless he remained very well regarded in Parliament despite being eclipsed by his successor.
I can't see that happening to either Tony Blair or Gordon Brown...


Anonymous Parax said...

Ah, Mr Blair.....we'll always remember him for

"Look at my face. It. Ain't. Bovvered."

10:37 pm  
Blogger Cheriton Chav said...

And getting McGuiness and Paisley to laugh together

10:59 pm  

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