Thursday, July 20, 2006

End of the Romsey Red Head?

Sandra pictured with the Ex..

image reproduced from Guido's posting on Ms Gidley...

The picture of Caroline Nokes on the posting on Col Mates below made me wonder what is going on in Romsey politics these days- not a lot by the look of things as Ms Sandra Gidley the self-styled Romsey Red Head has discontinued her blog!

Lest it ever be forgotton this is what Guido Fawkes posted about her on his blog in Feb 2005;

In a seat where only 1186 votes will swing it things are bound to be tense, but when the leading candidates are a savvy young photogenic, glamourousTory and a hotheaded LibDem redhead it always has glorious potential for a cat-fight. So little surprise when Guido's lie-ometer started swinging violently reading incumbent MP Sandra Gidley's blog. The Romsey Redhead claims in a posting that Tory Caroline Nokes' 4000 Valentine's cards to constituents were a "wacky idea" (translation - "why didn't I think of that?") and led to people joining the LibDems to help deliver leaflets "as some people didn't seem to be very amused by the stunt."
Sorry, but Guido does not believe her, "Oh look a Valentines card from the pretty Tory candidate. I'm so unamused by that I'll go and help the liberals deliver leaflets even though its blowing gales out there..."


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