Monday, July 02, 2007

What price principle?

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I see that John Denham has accepted a post in Gordon Brown's cabinet as Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills.
It is interesting that he resigned because he felt he couldn't serve in a government going to war in Iraq on the 18th March 2003. On the 28th June 2007 he joined a government committed not just to continuing to fight in Iraq but also Afganistan. What price principle?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did anyone think that John Denham was any more principled than other politicians anyway?

He was David Blunkett's number two during a time when some incredibly draconian policy was implemented.

And Denham is a leading and vocal advocate of ID Cards - something I believe to be far too expensive and ineffective in dealing with the problems it is supposed to tackle. But more than anything they are morally wrong.

Denham is not some anti war leftie. Look at his history.

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