Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Saved -for now...

Saved -for now...

Today the Planning & Rights of Way Panel sat in Southampton, on which I serve. The most controversial decision was to consider the destruction of a building built in about 1900 known as Harcourt Mansions and its replacement with a high rise block of flats.
I thought the new building was dire. No attempt at all was made for the proposal to blend in with the surrounding area- in fact as the developer freely admitted, he wanted it to stand out. It would have been the only four story development in the area, one with inadequate parking and represented a massive loss of visual amenity. The development would also have really changed the character of the area and have I was not even satisfied about the arrangements for collecting refuse and ensuring the privacy of neighbours. Most unsatisfactory.
I am glad to say all the panel supported me.
Over lunch, I bought a paper and saw the press write up HERE.
Given Bitterne Triangle's heritage, I hope it becomes a conservation area and I shall be pressing the administration to beef up its local plans to help stop these sort of developments- as a matter of urgency.


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