Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Forthcoming Event!

A cartoon showing Robert Peel struggling with the problems posed by potatoes and corn. Note that like all good Tories, the image shows Peel surrounded on all sides by his political opponents!

The Conservative History Society is organising a talk on Sir Robert Peel and how he refashioned the Conservative Party on the 19th June at 6.30pm at a room to be arranged at the House of Commons on 19th June 2006.
The guest speaker is Lord Hurd who is publishing a book on Peel this month. For a review of the book by Simon Sebag Montefiore's (who himself has a pretty good book out on Stalin if you wish to balance your reading of heroes with villains!)click HERE.
I had the privilege of being at this year's Wellington Lecture which was entitled 'Wellington and Peel – from Tory to Conservative' at the Turner Sims Concert Hall. on that occasion, Hurd spoke about Wellington's relationship with Peel and how they impacted on politics & society together, focusing on the impact of the impact of the Reform Bill. Hurd gave a fascinating insight into how they worked together and yet by both temperament and background were so different. No doubt his lecture exclusively on Peel will be similarly informing and instructive.
Ticket details will be published in the next few days. For further information and tickets follow the link here.


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