Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heads won't roll...

no-neck or brass neck?

Following Labour’s climb-down over Housing Information Packs (‘HIPs‘) local MP Alan Whitehead was reported as saying he was ‘comfortable with the decision’ (Echo report 22 May). If so he shouldn't be!
Last week, Ministers asserted there were 1,100 accredited energy inspectors; By Tuesday, the figure had fallen to 520.
Ministers have pledged to consult on revised HIPs provisions, yet Government guidance says consultations should take 12 weeks. How can revised regulations be ratified and implemented by 1 August? The lack of consultation could in itself give rise to a further legal challenge.
In Southampton, Trading standards officers will be given the burden of assessing whether a property has 4 or more bedrooms which will require a HIP from 1 August; yet they have already complained that they will not be able to enforce this regulation effectively.
The Labour Government’s handling of Home Information Packs has been a complete shambles from start to finish. The current fiasco is not good for the stability of the housing market or the attempts to tackle climate change.
That said, don't expect anyone to resign. Why? Well Ruth is one of Labour's more high profile ministers and anyway most of this was down to her junior minister who was Yvette Cooper...and she is married to Ed Balls MP ...who we all known is a Brown favorite...who will be serving in his first Cabinet! Maybe however, I am just being cynical.
As Gordon himself said, " So as the world changes our priorities must change. And for us the way we govern must change too...part of experience and judgement is to recognise that when you fall short, you listen, learn and then are confident enough to set new priorities. And I have learned also that the best way to meet peoples priorities is to involve and engage people.
For me this starts with governing in a different way."
Couldn't have put it better myself!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Government said this week that less than 300 officers would be ready to impliment HIP's.

9:18 am  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

UPDATE; Last week Ruth Kelly said there were 520 accredited assessors with plenty more in training, now Lucia Smeraldi at the Trading Standards Institute has queried whether any more will now finish taking the qualification due to only larger properties being forced to have HiPs!

4:20 pm  

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