Friday, May 18, 2007

Another £1million of Southampton taxpayer's money lost.

Proposed site of the new police HQ by the docks

One thing that probably would not have taken place had the Conservatives taken control earlier given their concerns in Southampton is the sale of public land at over £1million under market value. This is to allow Hampshire constabulary build an 'iconic building' on the former Norman Offer transport site. The Conservatives opposed the subsidy by city residents (for the constabulary covers the whole of Hampshire) at full council but lost the vote. Then the Conservatives were voted down at a scrutiny panel when they asked to investigate the decision.
In the long run (the site is due to open circa 2010) and will mean a large part of the civic centre will become empty as the police pull out (so Southampton council will lose this rental income), while the freehold of the police site at Hulse Road will be sold by Hampshire Constabulary (so get ready for another block of flats...) at the full market price- naturally! The capital receipt from this sale will be kept by the authority.
Sadly the Council exchanged contracts this week so there is no going back now...
For details of the scheme click HERE.


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