Sunday, June 24, 2007

Out of my depth in Brum!


Having got back from the Tower trip at about 11.30 pm and worked through till nearly 2am, I was pretty knackered when I got up at 7am on Saturday. After cleaning up the pub, cashing up, doing a few odd jobs and then dragging myself down to the station, I then jumped on the train to Birmingham New Street. After catching up on a few zzzs on the train, I got off feeling like death warmed up to go to a Planning conference run by the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) or more specifically the Politicians in Planning section of the RTPI.
How was it?
My god! For someone who is not an expert in planning, it was incredibly heavy going and at parts very dry! It certainly wasn't pitched at new starters! Coupled with a mild hang-over and sleep depravation, I have to say I didn't get much out of the formal sessions. That said, I did find it useful talking to Councillors who sat on the planning panels of other authorities, especially when it came to asking how their relationships with officers were and also how they organised themselves within the council but more of that another time...
I must say that some of the regeneration work that has been going on at Birmingham within the city centre is quite impressive but as I walked from the station, I couldn't help thinking how hideous the station itself is. This 1960s concrete monstrosity replaced a truly grand 1854 station whose immense glass-covered roof drew comparisons with New York's Grand Central. When on earth are they going to pull down its replacement?


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Agree something needs to be done, but this site raises more questions than answers.

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