Thursday, June 21, 2007

Melancholy at Monk's Brook...

Above & below; views of the informal paths that will be lost.
Red Deer are regularly seen in the field which is well used recreationally. Make the most of it...

Southampton City Council Planning & Rights of Way Panel convened a special meeting to consider the issue of a Transit site for Traveller and Gypsy at Monks Brook last night. For a reasonably accurate press report of the proceedings click HERE.
The plans themselves can be reviewed HERE.

I write this with a sense of melancholy as I was unable to persuade my colleagues from Labour & the Lib-Dems to vote against the scheme.

I think their decision was flawed in that it departs from the Planning and Open Spaces guidance PPG17 ' Planning for open space, sport and recreation' in a number of regards (e.g. the site is clearly not surplus to requirements, they have not convinced the local community of the need for development).

The site also conflicts against policy H15 (there must be no adverse impact on the amenities of existing residential or business uses), the Local Plan Review CLT4 (the site has recreational value and is a loss of amenity land). I am not satisfied that the Council's review of other sites was robust enough or that they presented their results in an unbiased and academically vigorous way. Contamination of the Monks Brook itself could have catastrophic consequences for the Salmon pool further downstream at Woodmill.

The worste point of all in the evening was about two hours into the meeting when Cllr Davis asked if there was going to be any provision for toilets on site. Based on that comment and given that most of the buildings on the site are toilet blocks, she clearly hadn't even looked at the plans...

All in all most depressing.


Blogger Ryan Newell said...


I hope your are enjoying life as a city cllr?

Will the Lib Dems ever learn? The Tories took Swaythling at the last local elections because the Lib Dems did not speak up for the local people and throw out plans for the transit site at Monks Brook, to rub salt into the wounds they still cant admit they were wrong.

Although i applaud Jane Odgers in her stand against the transit site, i find it worrying that just 1 month after ythe local elections Royston has admitted there is little if anything you can do to stop it.

My concerns are that pratically Janes entire campaign was based around opposition to Monks Brook so why promise something as a party which you can not deliver?

Ryan Newell
UKIP Southampton

12:01 am  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

It is not built yet Mr Newell.

9:19 pm  
Anonymous Cllr Jane Odgers said...

Thank-you for your support. However,I was elected and indeed campaigned on a range of issues. A key difference between me and the other candidates was that I am opposed to the transit site and I wanted to show that I listen to residents views.
I am continuing to work to try and stop this inappropriate development in Monks Brook.

5:26 pm  
Blogger Ryan Newell said...


UKIP Southampton will be supporting you in your attempt to overturn the decision.

Residents views need to be listened too and acted upon.

I am a local resident and believe the local people should decide.

10:24 pm  

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