Monday, October 01, 2007

Mission impossible?

Cameron & Coulson

Two year's ago this week David Cameron gave the speech of his life. It was a speech that catapulted him from outsider to leader of the Conservative Party and led to a revival of the Party's fortunes in the opinion polls.

On Wednesday of this week Cameron is going to have to replicate his performance of two years ago if he is to have any chance of defeating Labour in the next general election. Can he do it? The answer is yes- probably. The 'probably' depends on not just the content and delivery of speech but also the background 'mood music'. The party (and especially the parliamentary party) needs to be in the mood to be led and the all important media offensive that is coupling what Cameron has called the 'fightback' will stretch every sinew of the new media guru (and former News of the World editor) Andy Coulson.

Is it as today's Sun says 'Mission Impossible'?

Probably not- but a tall order nonetheless.


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