Sunday, August 13, 2006

Red faces at the Red brickworks

Bursledon Brickworks
I heard a very funny story last week about the hapless Chris Huhne, one-time Lib-Dem Leadership contender and Eastleigh MP.
Long-time Huhne watchers will recall how he was teased during for his absurd claim that he was local during and prior to the general election as he divided his time between Brussels and London (See previous posts).
To add to Mr. Huhne’s discomfort, it later emerged that he bought a house in the constituency but that it was left empty and unfurnished for some time as Mr. Huhne continued to live in London! Now Dear reader, read on…

Last week Mr. Huhne, as a good constituency MP, went to Bursledon Brickworks. Doubtless remembering the convention where visiting MPs inform the local member of parliament, he could barely conceal his irritation as he saw the Conservative Member for nearby Fareham, Mark Hoban at the same function.
Mr Huhne went on to ask Mark Hoban what he was doing there, pointing out that Bursledon was a lovely village located in the Eastleigh constituency.

Rolling his eyes Mr Hoban replied, “ Yes, Bursledon really is a charming place, indeed I have visited it for luncheon on a number of occasions. On a different matter Chris, as the local MP, I would like to welcome you to Bursledon Brickworks in Swanwick which is located in the heart of my Fareham constituency.

The reaction of Mr Huhne who’s faced had turned a most attractive shade of brick red not entirely dissimilar to the buildings in which they were situated, is not recorded.


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