Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Reputation of Neville Chamberlain

Chamberlain (top) and the historian John Charmley
I see from that the next speaker meeting of the Conservative History Group will be held on Tuesday 18 July at 6.30pm in the Boothroyd Room of the House of Commons. The subject will be "The Reputation of Neville Chamberlain". The speakers are Robert Self and Professor John Charmley. I have seen John Charmley in action before- in a Times sponsored debate with Alan Clarke, Lord Blake and Andrew Roberts about 10 years ago and he was brilliant. His books Churchill- The End of Glory and Churchill's Grand Alliance are two of the best writtern and thought provoking, not to say controversial of the entire Churchill publishing industry so it should be quite a night!
Some great discussions on his work and other prominant historians can be found at the website

I have to admit that I have not come across Robert Self before but his CV and research interests detailed at and seem pretty impressive.
Now I guess that I ought to join the society!


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