Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Labour's Chameleon backfires!

I saw this great pic of 'Dave the Chameleon' on the site
which if double clicked on (on their site, my IT skills arn't that good!) takes you to the official Conservative Party site www.conservatives.com
I have no idea if this is an 'official image' but this must be the first time a Labour Party political broadcast and subsequent campaign has actually probably lost them more votes than it has gained them to the Conservatives! The message seems to be Dave the Chameleon listens and changes, Tony Blair just ploughs on regardless!
To watch the party political broadcasts, download great screensavers, ringtones, wallpaper and exclusive Dave the Chameleon merchandise why not log onto the official Labour site
http://www.davethechameleon.com ?
its great!
There is no way that Mandleson would have let anything so inept go out when he was in charge of Labours public relations.
A detailed briefing on the 'Dave the Chameleon' campaign can be found at


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