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The 100 people who are screwing up Britain

'And now Mr. Bond/Burns, prepare to be beaten...'
(delete as applicable...)

Following 'The 100 PEOPLE WHO ARE SCREWING UP AMERICA ' Iain Dale is toying writing a British equivalent- 'The 100 PEOPLE WHO ARE SCREWING UP BRITAIN'.
(You can find details at http://iaindale.blogspot.com/2006/06/100-people-who-are-screwing-up-britain.html)
He asks to nominate candidates for a British version. His suggestions include Tracey Emin, Peter Mandelson, Trisha Goddard, Polly Toynbee, Will Self, Jack McConnell and Lord Falconer. The only qualification is that they have to be alive and have some relevance to Britain today and he stipulates that they can be from any part of British society, media, industry, culture and politics.
Well my first candidate would be Chris Huhne Eastleigh Lib-Dem MP, millionaire (who claimed on newsnight not to know how much he was worth!), London resident (who claims to live in Eastleigh, at least at election time!), Southamton FC supporter (who has in the past claimed to support 2 other clubs!), Europhile (who published his views supporting the single European currency then later argued for a referendum!) and producer of Lib-Dem literature paid for by EU money that is currently being investigated. Oh yes, current Lib-Dem environment spokesman who is in favour of much higher green taxes, for example on cars.
It is not just his policies and indeed the direction that he is attempting to take his party in that I object to- it is the arrogance that I have seen him show towards some of his constituents and his political opponents and also his endless negative campaigning. When people say they find politics and politicians a turn off, often it is because of some of the traits Mr Huhne has a tendency to display in spades.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

London resident (who claims to live in Eastleigh

Chris Huhne, like most MPs, has a home in both. There is no secret where Mr Huhne lives in Eastleigh as the address was all over his election leaflets. Visit it and you'll see that the house is a normal family home.

Europhile (who published his views supporting the single European currency then later argued for a referendum!)

This isn't a contradiction. If there was a referendum he could then campaign in favour of the Euro.

Producer of Lib-Dem literature paid for by EU money

The leaflet in question was part-funded by a fund that is paid for by taxpayers to promote the work of MEPs. Chris Huhne was an MEP at the time and similar leaflets went out all over the South East early in 2005 (not at election time) and not just in Eastleigh.

6:05 pm  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

Thanks for your post.
To respond to some of your points;
(1) The house certainly wasn't his family home at the last general election (when he was saying it was, nor was he on the electoral role there) but in fairness it may well be now.
(2)He wanted to adopt the single European currency without a refendum and was in favour of it, then appeared to change his mind for electoral and party political purposes!
(3)I am sure your point is right but is it ethical to produce party political literature with tax-payers money? Should or did he sanction it? We await the results of the EU investigation.
Good to have the debate Anonymous- keep posting! By the way, if you would like to go public, I would love to know who you are! You don't work for Mr Huhne or happen to be a Lib-Dem activist are you? You certainly are well informed!

3:11 pm  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

electoral role (sic)
roll even!

3:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heather Mills - to be fair, more of an annoyance than anything else but good GRIEF she's annoying. Paul McCartney's a part of British heritage, and she's damaging his reputation particularly in the States where they're taking her side; therefore, she's really making Britain look bad.

John Prescott

George W. Bush - not British but he's nevertheless doing his hardest to screw up Britain. He's a part of British politics whether we want him there or not.

Michael Carroll

Cheri Blair

6:52 pm  

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