Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chris, I don't know about dragons but a leopard never changes its spots!

Echo letter.

Dear Letters Editor,

'Let's celebrate St George and Englishness' says Chris Huhne.

Good idea but could this really be the same man who wrote 'The Arguments for the Euro' and as one of our most federalist MEPs, led the campaign locally to scrap the pound and erode British sovereignty?

If I was a cynic, I would be tempted to suggest Mr Huhne's new found patriotism may have something to do with him having to submit himself to a general election within the next 11 months in a highly marginal seat rather than a change in his political views!

You would have to ask St George about dragons, but I suspect that Lib-Dem MPs, like leopards, never change their spots!

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Dean


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think you can accuse Chris Huhne of suddenly being a convert to the cause of celebrating St George's Day. Look at this from four years ago:

2:54 pm  

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