Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seen and not 'herd' !

moo...ved in- Aberdean Angus Cattle

As SKY report, a small heard of cows are set to become the guardians of part of the Monks Brook site - at least for the time being.
Longtime readers of this blog will recall Monks Brook is a site in the ownership of two local Authorities, Southampton City Council at one end and Hampshire County Council at the other. The Southampton end was proposed for a Gypsy and Travellers transit site by the last Lib-Dem administration and this was supported by the Labour despite a huge campaign by locals and the Conservatives as the site is unsuitable for a plethora of reasons despite being granted planning approval.
The new Conservative Council are strongly committed to saving this important area of green open space. In the short term, while BTC conclude their discussions with Hampshire County Council to determine if they may or may not use the site recreationally for sports pitches, the County Council seem to have taken pragmatic measures to deal with an ongoing problem.
Good for them!


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