Sunday, March 11, 2007

News from the campaign trail!

Make 'em laugh or no fee- the proud boast of Brian Jenner esq.!

Well I've been selected as a candidate for a few weeks now and how am I doing?

The answer is for others to decide of course and ultimately for the electorate (gulp!) but I have been quite active. Obviously I'm not going to reveal all I have been doing on a blog that can be read by my political opponents but I have written to a number of residents about planning issues at the main Shirley Post Office and at Shirley Warren Club as well as letting people know about street signs and roads & pavements I have had repaired. I have also been delivering the inevitable newsletter to every door so its all go !

Talking of electioneering, I see that the professional speech-writer and Conservative activist Brian Jenner has a number of hints and tips, all of with which I agree to varying degrees on the 'Your Platform' section of the ConservativeHome website.


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