Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Its not racist to discuss immigration sensitively and thoughtfully.

Its funny how politicians facing a difficult problem or wishing to execute a policy u-turn or implement an unpopular proposal (such as road pricing...) call for a 'public debate' but if the issue is one of which they approve or which they feel may be damaging to their interests, they offer a myriad of reasons why it shouldn't be debated...Worse, is the fear of the media to lead debate because they may be fearful of the political consequences or a drop in advertising revenue.

I saw the advert above in today's Daily Telegraph but the advertiser - - allege that others newspapers including The Sun, Express and Mail refused to publish it. Apparently, the advert is "inflammatory" and "potentially racist."
I find it depressing that people who wish to discuss and debate immigration and migration can't do so without being labeled xenophobic or racist. So much for democracy.


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