Thursday, February 08, 2007

Brandy and Babycham Waiter!

John Prescott pictured with Alistair Darling at the launch party of the Queen Mary II in Southampton. Tracey Temple has an interesting account of his visit to the docks and the night before which they spent in the DeVere Grand Habour Hotel.

I see that the BBC's Nick Robinson mentions on his blog that Tories often shout 'Mine's a G & T' from the Opposition Benches whenever John Prescott stands up; a reference to Prescott's stewarding days as a Merchant Seaman.
Actually his chief tormentor Nicolas Soames uses the bar call 'Brandy and Babycham Waiter' whenever the deputy PM is in attendance!
Incidentially Robinson's post was a plug for a Radio Four documentary entitled 'Prescott at Your Service' which was remarkably entertaining.


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