Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my blog's readers!

1966 and all that ; Harold Wilson pictured with supporters at his Huyton constituency on polling day
(NF out of camera shot- I hope!)

My apologies for my lack of postings over the last month- December is a busy time for me business wise and I have also had a few pressing family issues.
Anyway as I write this we are over Christmas with just the New Year festivities to go so may I take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads my blog and wish them all a Happy New Year?
As usual I seem to have a capacity to meet the strangest of people in the most unlikely of places. Out for a drink in Bradford on Avon on Boxing Day (a town in the West Country near my parents house), I got talking to a Welsh man who had stood in the 1960s against Harold Wilson in the National Front candidate! I am delighted to report that age had mellowed him. Instead of grappling with the vexed issues of nationhood and immigration, he was instead in the throws of trying to save Bradford on Avon Town Club! I got the impression he was rather embarrassed at ever having stood...


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