Monday, December 11, 2006

Save the postage boys!

The offending article...
The Sunday Express 10 Dec 06.

Enjoying an excellent Sunday lunch at Radley's yesterday, I happened to pick up a copy of The Sunday Express ('the world's greatest newspaper' ?) off the bar. It contained the above article on how UKIP were going to recruit loads of members who were disaffected Tories. Fair enough but actually when you read into it it transpires that about the best they have done so far is recruit a 70-odd year old buffer who was once William Hague's constituency chairman! All this despite sending out 17,000 letters of invitation and also illegally using an European Commission email account to send out a further amount of spam! In Southampton, UKIP members were telling everyone last Spring that loads of Conservative councillors were to defect to everyone's general amusement but why on earth would they? As the local election results show over the last thirty years, they would have no chance of holding their seats, the Conservative Party is increasing its lead in the polls while UKIPs share is declining. Doubtless there are a number of people who don't like 'Call me Dave' Camerons approach but it doesn't follow that they would want to join UKIP or come to that any other political party. In fact a few Conservatives have been written to twice locally by UKIP but I have to confess that I have yet to recieve my letter!
Other green ink three underlinings letters who have written inviting Conservatives to join them locally include the English Democrats, Campaign for an English Parliament and the New Party.
While it is always nice to be wanted, my advice is to save the postage boys; I think you are wasting your time.


Blogger Ryan Newell said...

Matt Matt Matt if your going to post info on your blog please please please can we get it right!!!
The latest polls indicate a rise in the vote for UKIP and other so called small parties.
A recent poll on Conservative Home showed 43% of those completing the poll feel that UKIP best represents them.
We have seen 4 tory defectors to UKIP in as many weeks.
Oh and by the way tory cllrs locally would have only been sent one letter, unless they were so impressed they decided to send themselves one. Trust me I should know. And also trust me there was response from the letters.

10:28 pm  
Blogger Toque said...

Why would it matter if the Campaign for an English Parliament asked Tories to join?

The CEP are not a political party, and most Tories think English Votes on English Matters would be unworkable.

1:27 am  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

Mr Newell,
A recent poll on Conservative Home showed 43% feeling UKIP best represents them?
Also I'm not especially into all this trust business- if you have got letters why not publish them?

6:59 pm  
Blogger Ryan Newell said...

its clear as day on Conservativehome. Im sure your capable of looking on there yourself Matt.

As for the letter sent by UKIP locally to local Conservative councillors in Southampton all I said is that only 1 was sent. It is you who believes they continue to be sent, so let see these other letters.

12:33 am  
Anonymous R B Lee said...

UKIP are a waste of space and a waste of a good vote. You might as well use your ballot paper as toilet paper and flush it down the toilet.

UKIPs only game is to split Conservative votes and allow Labour or the liberal Democrats to win.

Perhaps Conservatives should take time and see what UKIP are saying about fighting Conservatives:

“We should be working now, in every possible seat where our votes could result in a defeat for a Conservative candidate.

This will help Labour and the LibDems this one time”


“If we do this, then for one more Labour term, there will be the real chance of a Tory split”

and on the Epping Forest Borough Council by election Grange Hill ward 14 December 2006:

“…By winning this seat the Tories gained control of the Council which they were denied by our standing in another ward in May,when the long term incumbent and Eastern Regional Assembly member for Theydon Bois ward was ousted by 23 votes.UKIP took 136 votes having never stood there before.Had we had the notice of the Grange Hill by election in time we WOULD have stood and I’m confident that we would have denied the Tories success.”

And on the Basingstoke By election where the Conservatives Gained overall control of the council:-

"As UKIP could split the vote and lose the Tories this seat and its overall majority, and shock Cons, it is strategically important."


"The Tories are desperately worried about losing control there. This is exactly the type of situation where UKIP can give them a black eye."

"UKIP should be identifying similar situations up and down the country and sending in "flying squad" task forces to set up opposition. Meanwhile members on the ground should monitor Tory discontent, seeing if they can persuade Tory malcontents to make that vital switch."

"UKIP has to show that it can manipulate the Tories to suit the ends of the patriotic movement. Remember all the time that they're traitorous scum so don't hesitate to double cross them if necessary."

"I know these Tories. They're grasping unintelligent fools. Take them for all you can get."

...and on a forthcoming by election:-

"Yes the tories are the real enemy. We must examine all the seats that are up next May and decide which seats, our intervention, will allow UKIP candidates to split the tory vote. We must put all our resources in handing victory to Labour or Liberal Democrat candidates. We must aim to make the Conservatives lose seats and lose control of Councils. This should be the aim of UKIP next May."

"Yes indeed - UKIP must destroy these Tories wherever we find them. We must locate their most vulnerable seats and go out of our way to split the Conservative vote. We must ensure we get Labour and Liberal Democrats Councillors elected. By losing Tories control of Councils we will cause shock waves all the way to Cameron’s door. These shock waves will reverberate around the Conservative party and cause them to split in half. Thos loyal euro-sceptic Conservatives will come flocking to UKIP their natural home. This must be the tactic adopted by every UKIP branch up and down the country. Destroy the Tories. Destroy them all."

I think these comments show what UKIPs game really is. Not to campaign to get Britain to withdraw from the EU.

Oh no - their aim is to defeat Conservative candidates and get Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates to win. Their long term aim is to split the Conservatives. What a pathetic waste of space and a waste of good votes. They are betraying everybody who votes for them.


12:22 am  
Blogger Ryan Newell said...

RB LEE, What a load of rubbish you do speak.
Firstly many UKIP members no longer use the democracy forum , in fact the democracy forum hates UKIP( its run by disgruntled ex nec member)
many of the forum users are trolls .
Your post quoted from ukiphome was not made by an editor of th site.
If i posted a state on here saying that all tories should vote respect would that then be tory policy? I think not!
UKIP is the only party increasing its membership.
Conservativehome reecent poll shows that 43% of those completing the poll feels UKIP best represents their views.
I know you can blog what you like on these blogsites but letsstick to the truth

9:05 am  
Blogger Ryan Newell said...

2 more defections coming our way.
This time from the House of Lords.
The cost of stamps is truly worth it!!!

12:03 am  

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