Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Helen Grant selected to succeed Ann Widdecome

Helen Grant- no chair provided...

Congratulations to Helen Grant who after a long (almost torturous) selection process was selected for the safe Tory seat of Maidstone & the Weald (projected Tory majority of 12000) on Sunday. As her CV demonstrates, Helen is a remarkable individual and will become a worthy successor to the redoubtable Miss Widdecome who I understand is retiring to concentrate on her journalistic (is there such a word?) and broadcasting career. Helen lives just round the corner from what was my parents family house in Purley- although i imagine she will pretty soon be moving to Kent!

Commiserations to my friend Conor Burns who came a remarkably close second from a very strong field indeed. In itself, it was quite some achievement to get in the last 10 candidates as all of them would have made competent and credible MPs. One can’t help feeling what a bloody sport politics is though- the winner takes it all in this game.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah but Helen is better looking than Conor.

Conor does need to lose some weight and tone up. For a gay guy who wants to be an MP he could do with being a bit fitter.

Friendly advice from someone in politics.

And can he lose that annoying smarmy smile that he does. Another turn off.

And dress better. Too many suits.

6:33 am  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

I'm not sure any of your criticisms are any of substance!
And I could do with losing a few pounds myself!

5:11 pm  

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