Sunday, November 25, 2007

Why are we so badly governed?

Gateway to good governance?

"Why are we so badly governed?" asked Sir Christopher Foster in 2005. Unlike most, it seems that he is doing something about it, being the Chairman of the cross-party and until now secret "Better Government Initiative".
It seems that the first of the BGI's reports are to be released imminently and apparently they don't spare any blushes for
"The verdict of the Better Government Initiative, contained in a series of reports to be released over the next few weeks, is damning.
Government departments have “serious deficiencies”; the combined output of Parliament and the executive contain “too many disappointments and failures”; and “emphasis on ‘management’ has led to more bureaucracy at the expense of substance” in the Foreign Office. " as The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday.
It will be interesting to see if Sir Christoper's reports are accepted by the government machine or rubbished and Foster himself smeared and spinned against over the next few weeks...


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