Monday, December 03, 2007

The gaffer returns!

2 a week John, 2 a week

Another day, another pretty lame performance from the hapless John Denham who I see on the BBC has now taken to styling himself as the 'Secretary of State for Innovation'. On Sunday's BBC1 'The Politics Show' not only did he refuse to debate the merits and demerits of nuclear power ("there is a government review and I'm not going to speak out of turn about that") but he was factually incorrect too ("China is building two coal fired stations a year"- in fact they are building about 104 per anumn).

Most patronisingly of all on Labour funding scandals, he said he would like a consensus from all the major political parties on how money is raised and spent and that this would 'help the public understand.'

Actually what people want is for Labour functionaries and politicians to keep within the law and review the undemocratic block funding influence on labour of the unions.

People understand perfectly clearly what is going on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Denham, like all Labour MP's who benefit financially from trade unions, will not get rid of the block vote. Labour MP's rely on the unions and their money more than they would like to admit.

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