Friday, October 05, 2007

Eastleigh selects

Maria watched by then education spokesman Tim Collins- who went on to lose his seat...
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Last week Eastleigh Conservative Association selected Maria Hutchings as their parliamentary candidate to fight Lib-Dem incumbent Chris Huhne's wafer thin 568 majority.
Best known for her outspoken 'handbagging' of Tony Blair regarding educational provision for her autistic son, I have no doubt she will be a feisty campaigner. For those interested in a bit of background, the BBC ran an interview with her HERE.
Given the decline of the Lib-Dems in the polls since the general election and a resurgent (relatively), Tory Party, one could be forgiven in thinking it was a one way bet that Ms Hutchings was going to win. Not a bit of it. Huhne has achieved a national platform with his audacious bid for the Lib-Dem leadership last year and the Lib-Dems really are masters of all they survey at both Eastleigh Borough and County level within the constituency boundaries. The Tories have not helped themselves in selecting so late- in seats like Eastleigh candidates really need to play it long if possible. That said she is in with a chance and she has started on the right track by announcing her decision to immediately move to the area and start working right away.
Good luck to her- she will need it.


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