Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fame at last!

picture courtesy of the blowing my own trumpet department...

Burning the midnight oil as my girlfriend dozes softly on the sofa (snoring irritatingly but intermittently!) and I alternate between reading myself into my new job and surfing the net, I see that Iain Dale has put me in his Top 100 'Right of Centre political blogs' ! I have to say I feel guilty about this given my lack of posts lately but I appreciate the recognition- cheers Iain!
I knew Iain before he himself became famous (or should that be infamous?!!!) as one of Britain's most read political bloggers. I first met Iain when he was the founding proprietor of Politicos, the political bookshop he opened in Artillery Row. A cross between genial nightclub host, gossip columnist and consummate salesman, things have certainly never been the same there since the dead hand of Metheun took over...
While running the shop, he then went onto found the Politicos Publishing Imprint to publish both new political books and updated issues of old favorites. Being a true gent, he kindly agreed to address one of the cream teas I ran at the Elizabeth House Hotel which were great fun *.
I went on to ran a couple of literary dinners with authors Dale had published, memorably Lord Tim Renton where he spoke about his book 'Chief Whip' and Sir Rex Hunt who recalled his 'Falkland Days'.
With Dale's leading edge work on 18 Doughty Street (an idea ahead of its time) and his latest venture, the politically dedicated, editorially independent 'Total Politics' magazine, Iain has made a remarkable contribution to political debate and ideas over the last 15 years or so.
(* Sadly, the final one was held just a couple weeks ago with guest speaker Julian Lewis MP)

A Classic cartoon!

Gerald Scarfe, Mac, Vicky-all classics of the genre but some of the contemporary artists are as good as any from history.
I laughed out loud when I saw Peter Brook's cartoon in The Times today. Brilliant!

In the cabinet!

oh happy days...!

Well its been a long time since I've blogged and its been down mostly pressure of time and (oddly), actually something of writers block as I haven't had much interesting to say that frankly hasn't been said more eloquently or been better informed elsewhere.

Still big news- following my friend's Gavin Dick's resignation, the Leader of the Council has appointed me as the (absurdly titled but hopefully still important job) of Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport. I will be blogging over the next few weeks over aspects of the role but I have to say I'm impressed so far by the commitment of the Officers I've been working with and also the political generosity of both my political allies and opponents in not only offering their congratulations but also their assistance and support.
It is a job I've aspired to as a councillor, one that is not going to be without its challenges but one that should also be great fun and a huge challenge!
My main and immediate problem is that trying to play myself into the new role while holding down running my own business is resulting in no small measure of sleep deprivation!!!
I'm off to bed!