Tuesday, October 09, 2007

if anyone's coming across as domineering in this interview, it's you!

Brian Walden: "You come over as being someone who one of your backbenchers said is slightly off her trolley, authoritarian, domineering, refusing to listen to anybody else – why? Why cannot you publicly project what you have just told me is your private character?"
Margaret Thatcher: "Brian, if anyone’s coming over as domineering in this interview, it’s you. It’s you."

I see that The Telegraph's 'Spy column has a short story on Brian Walden's endorsement of David Cameron HERE. Actually they are about 9 months behind the times because Walden went public with his support last JUNE.
I am too young to remember Walden as an MP but certainly remember his as a TV presenter, most notably on Weekend World, a slot he hosted from 1977 to 1986. I have to say that I always thought Walden was a tough, tenacious, forensic but courteous interviewer, in a different league to the Dimbleby brothers, let alone any of the cleaner cut, current crop. The exchanges between him and at different times, Heseltine, Kinnock, Lawson and most notably Thatcher made compelling viewing.
With just a set piece interview, there was no need for gimmicks then on TV; how times change!


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