Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A former resident returns...

Stephen Hammond MP and Southampton's Conservative Cabinet
(gatecrashing blogger in purple jumper top left!)

One result of Brown's election wobble was that the Conservative Party in Southampton started to give serious consideration to how it would fight (what felt like then) an imement general election. The last week was as William Rees Mogg described it a 'full dress rehersal' as campaign plans began to take shape.

Stephen Hammond (a former Sotonian himself) came down to Southampton to give us the benefit of his expertise and also help us campaign on the appalling Revenue Support Grant Southampton receives in comparison with similar authorities and also how the government's 'free pensioner bus pass' would lead the authority to be out of pocket by a minimum of £1.5m a year. his input on this matter was particularly useful as he is the conservative's shadow spokesman on transport issues. Hammond is something of a serious campaigner himself having stood for Wimbledon as well as standing for the Council there. He has agreed to help us both in campaigning terms as well as giving advice on lobbying and parliamentary matters as well as campaigning assistance; I am sure his advice will be invaluable.


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