Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hypocrisy rules, eh?

'Stoop lower Mr Whitehead, lower...'
Following some great research by Iain Dale, published on his blog, I have writtern the following letter to The Southern Daily Echo;

Dear Letters Editor,
Lib-Dem activists often get upset when I accuse some of their elected politicians of political opportunism. Well to ensure even-handedness I would like to draw your readers to the voting record of Southampton Test Labour MP Alan Whitehead regarding education.On Wednessday 29th June he voted for the Education Order to prohibit all academic selection in Northern Ireland. Yet on the 24 May (Hansard volume 446, number 157, cols. 1575-1579) he voted against a Labour backbench amendment to the Education and Inspections Bill to end all academic selection in English schools. Hypocrisy rules, eh?
Matthew Dean
Southampton Test Conservatives.


Blogger Matt Dean said...

The Echo published the above letter today.

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