Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cameron has the popular touch...

'its 5 to 1 on Cameron'

I've finally got round to watching David Cameron on The Jonathan Ross show (owning a pub means Fri night viewing is not an option!) and I thought he did quite well. Certainly it was not to paraphrase Lord Tebbitt a 'dreadful mistake'. As we have promised already Ming on the GMTV sofa opining about sport, doubtless Tony and Gordon will now want to get on the act.
Funnily enough the one who I thought came across as a little childish and slippery was Ross!
- showing the traits more commonly found in some politicians!
A news report on the show from the BBC can be found at for the pic- in fact thanks for all the pics- they are great!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although a committed anti- Thatcherite I was appalled by these latest obscenities by Ross. He is the unfunny man of TV and should be sacked. The saving of 18 Million pounds could be used to reduce the licence fee. Clearly the BBC have more money than they can sensibly use.

- Bill Kearns,

4:02 pm  

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