Thursday, May 11, 2006

Winchester Lib-Dems

One of the most closely fought parliamentary seats in Hants is neighbouring Winchester. Although they don't fight as dirty as in Eastleigh, the Lib-Dems in Winchester don't pull their punches. However with Mark Oaten's antics and the advent of David Cameron, maybe the Conservatives have turned the corner. Certainly our candidate last time, George Hollingbury was a great guy- I am sure he will make it to the Commons eventually. Here is a leaked letter from the ex-Lib-Dem leader of the council- she can't stand me after I said she didn't share any of the defector Emma Nicolson's views as they shared the same platform about 10 years ago!!!
"Dear colleague
With regret, following the May 4th elections I can take no further part in the affairs of SEERA or SEEDA. Such are the decisions made by the electorate and based on nothing of significance to the City Council but rather on the behaviour of our MP! So in resigning can I wish you all an interesting select committee and better fortune than I have enjoyed here in Winchester?
Sheila Campbell, Leader of Winchester City Council"

Bit of a moaner isn't she?


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