Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Terry Paine MBE

Terry Paine MBE
Following a couple of year's research, I see that award winning sports journalist Jeremy Wilson's new book, "Southampton's Cult hero's" is to be published in the autumn by Know the Score Books tracing the lives of SFC greatest players.
For me, the 67 year old Winchester born Terry Paine is Southampton's ultimate cult hero. He made over 713 football league appearances for Southampton (still a club record), scoring over 160 goals. Paine made an immense contribution helped them climb from Division Three in 1959 into the top-flight of English football by 1966 and then Europe for the first-time in the club's under the management of Ted Bates. He had 19 England caps.When he retired from playing professional football in 1977 he was awarded an MBE.
A one-time Conservative Councillor for Bargate in Southampton, he now presents Africa's biggest football show on M-Net Sports and is apparently a household name out there. According to a friend of mine who once lived in South Africa, the appetite for English football is insatiable which is surprising as I would have expected maybe cricket and rugby union to have more appeal.
Although Paine is based in South Africa, the network beams English top-flight football throughout the continent with his show being shown in a unbelievable 42 countries. He was also heavily involved in the team that successfully lobbied for the football world cup in 2010.
Truly an inspirational figure not least for his achievements off the pitch as much as on it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The popularity of Terry Paine in Africa is being overexaggerated here. He is actiually very unpopular and even one view wrote recently that he should retire and be given a one way ticket to Southampton.
I doubt whether Terry was such a brilliant footballer. He has not been a brilliant pundit either.

2:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite right Anonymous, Paine is not the presenter Martin Bailey does more than him and that's not very much. The new African presenters are much younger and up to date,both Bailey and Paine should step aside and retire.

9:25 am  

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