Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My First Post!

Well for over 2 years now I've been reading blogs from people like Jeremy Moulton and the award winning Iain Dale so here it is- my very own blog on the world wide web.
It will be interesting to see (a) how often I find time to post on it and (b) who else actually reads it!
Still it will be useful to record some of my own views on-line as I have never kept a diary and hopefully be of interest to others, especially perhaps those who take an interest in current affairs in Southampton, Hampshire.


Blogger Serf said...

You could always join the Conservative community at Right Links ( and add your site to the directory. It will get you more readers I promise.

9:21 am  
Blogger Matt Dean said...

Thank-you Serf, I will do.
Thanks also for visiting my blog.

2:25 am  
Blogger Praguetory said...

Spotted you at the Croydonian. Keep it up.

11:23 am  

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