Thursday, May 11, 2006

Labour activist brands Freemantle a dreadful place!

'the names Bond...James Bond'

Well well well...
The Labour supporting ' Bloggers4Labour' site have branded Freemantle a dreadful place; here is their full post on my friend Jeremy Moulton;

Hello, Cllr Moulton
Shocked - and woken from my 6-day-a-week blogging slumber - to discover that a former schoolchum of mine (well, it has been about 14 years) is a Councillor in my old stamping ground of Southampton, where Labour currently stand as the smallest of the three main parties in a City we ran from (if I recall) 1988-2000.I won't tell you yet which party he represents - you have to guess:You guessed it. Yes, Cllr Jeremy Moulton is one of three Conservative members for Freemantle ward. He even has a blog. What's more, he's up for re-election in two days.I thought I might have a tough time persuading people to vote Labour on Thursday, but I never imagined how easy it would be!I will post again before the big day.
posted by Bloggers4Labour @ 4:29:00 PM

He adds
"One to watch? Well, I haven't said anything unpleasant and won't now, but if Freemantle's the bit of town I think it is, he's probably fairly secure there. Dreadful place."

Needless to say, he didn't post again before the big day and Jeremy won in what used to be a safe Labour ward...
The full web address is

for those who are interested!!!


Blogger Jeremy Moulton said...

Hardly a dreadful place! It's very up and coming. It's close to town. It has 3 very dedicated Councillors! Parking is a big problem I admit.

I really need to change that photo! If people other than you are now looking at my site, sooner rather than later. It was taken at the Lady Thatcher Dinner at the Botley Grange. I suspect that you aren't too far away, no doubt similarly attired and proping up the bar!

10:06 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Don't print the leaflets yet, MDS: (a) I'm not local, (b) I didn't "brand" anything, (c) I'd happily reconsider my casually-expressed view after a guided tour in the company of Freemantle (Branch) Chamber of Commerce, and (d) I most certainly *did* post again before the big day.

10:24 am  

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